The Future

I love thinking about the future – space, singularity theories, artificial intelligence, new economic systems . . . you name it . . . .
This time around, however, the future I have been primarily thinking about is my own immediate destiny.

This last month has been an exhausting experience of trying to finish my thesis and also decide where I plan to spend the next few years (or more) of my life. Many of you have been part of that journey, and I am extremely appreciative of all the advice, support, words of encouragement, and prayers.

Last week, as you have likely guessed, I completed both of these objectives. First, I turned in my thesis, entitled “Unsuccessful Saviors and a Cinematized South Africa” about Hollywood films attempting to promote social justice that inadvertently end up perpetuating stereotypes of a binarized and simplistic South Africa. That was officially approved by the department committee on Monday morning, so I’m good to graduate!

Second, I accepted the offer from the Media Studies department at the University of Colorado Boulder. I will be joining their incoming Ph.D. cohort beginning this fall 2016 – which means Josh and I are moving to Colorado!

Now that all the stressful decisions are made, I am just so excited for this new season of life. I love Colorado so much, and I feel so grateful that the best program for what I want to study just happens to be in such a beautiful part of the U.S. and where several of my closest friends live. Of course, it also comes with really sad goodbyes, and it will be strange to leave southern California after having lived here for the past eight years. (8 years?? Yikes!) But am I so ready for four seasons, more snow, and a little less sunlight.

Josh is looking for a job out there (teaching photography or working in the fine art world), and we’re also beginning the apartment hunting process, so let us know if you have any leads! We will likely move to west Denver, and I’ll commute to Boulder.

Once again, thank you so much for all of your support and thanks for your patience during my period of radio silence. I have missed this space greatly, and I am glad to be back!

Apparently, I am now a Buff!
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