Summer TV Binge-watching

With school out, the binge-watching has officially begun. I have so many shows to watch that I can barely decide how to prioritize the options! One app I use to help me keep track is Seenit:

SeenIt Screengrab

This is a screen-grab of my usage of the app. As you can see, I recently finished Broadchurch, I am steadily (aka slowly) working through Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek, and I am almost halfway through the latest season of House of Cards. The app also allows me to create a watchlist of the many other shows I still wish to watch. I have been using this throughout the semester, whenever I get a recommendation so I don’t forget. The moment I begin to watch a show on my watchlist, SeenIt switches it to my “Watched” list and shows the countdown of how many episodes I have remaining. You can add alerts for shows, see what episodes are playing in upcoming weeks, and see what other people are watching. There are a number of other apps out there that do something similar, but this one is free and it works much better than other apps I tested.

Throughout the summer I’ll be reflecting on the various shows I watch. First one up is Broadchurch–if you have seen me recently, you have probably already heard me wax eloquent about it! If you are looking for something to watch, I also recommend you check out Mr. Robot which I briefly reviewed earlier. The second season is coming out in July, and it is a great story!

The featured image is made possible for use under a CC 2.0 license through Wikimedia Commons.

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