Light’s Out for A Quick Nap

You may have noticed I’ve gone radio silent both here and on Twitter the last couple weeks. I have had to come to terms with my valiant efforts to keep blogging while trying to graduate, and I have finally realized I need to give myself a mini-blog-vacation.

So for the next month, High and Low will go dark as I concentrate on completing my Master’s Thesis (and my other two classes!). For those of you who have asked about the research I’m doing for my thesis: I’m exploring the ways in which Hollywood has misrepresented and binarized South African identity and politics, particularly through the lens of two films that attempted to do the very opposite, A Dry White Season (an apartheid-era film) and District 9 (a post-apartheid film). Both are also actually films made by non-US directors, yet made within the Hollywood system, which shifted the style of storytelling.

When I return, I will hopefully also have decided where I’ll be going for my Ph.D, so I’ll have that news to share. In the meantime, keep me in your prayers and thoughts as I try to get through the ton of writing left for me in the semester. I won’t lie, I am drowning. 

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