Life Update, Early August 2016

Hi folks,
I have a number of posts in the works, but the chaos of our move has really just begun so you’ll have to hang tight for a few weeks. Here’s a quick update though:

  • I just got back from an academic conference in Indianapolis for a national teaching fellowship I’ll be participating in for the next three years. The program selected 10 Ph.D. students starting degrees in the humanities and arts at universities across the US for our cohort. We’ll be attending several conferences together, receiving mentorship from experienced faculty, and participating in biweekly online colloquiums. The aim of the game is for us to develop holistically and thoughtfully as scholars and more importantly as teachers/mentors. Our inaugural conference was fantastic. They spoilt us rotten, and we had amazing conversations all week-long. But boy am I exhausted now!
  • Joshua, my husband and partner-in-crime, graduates from his MFA photography program tomorrow, so I flew straight to Hartford to celebrate with him. His thesis exhibition is tonight. Come visit if you’re nearby: I’m really proud of him and the incredible photobook that he has made. 
  • Graduate School Orientation at UC Boulder begins August 15th, so I’ll be heading out there at the end of next week. That means next week is a whirlwind of tying things up at work, packing boxes, saying goodbye to friends and family…all while trying to hold on to my sanity. Oh and reading the large stack of articles my new professors have already sent my way. 

Needless to say, I need to focus on getting all those things done, and then I’ll be back. Thanks for your patience with me this summer during my erratic schedule. It’s been a pleasure sharing this journey and transition with all of you, and as always, I’m extremely grateful for the feedback I regularly receive from you. I’m looking forward to life settling back down into a routine, so I can dig into some more complex issues of media and culture again.

In the meantime, I hope you are all catching up on Mr. Robot

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