Join me on WNYC Note to Self’s New Digital Challenge to Combat Information Overload

Last year, the podcast Note to Self created something called the “Bored and Brilliant Challenge” in which thousands of people worldwide spent a week trying to be more intentional about how we interact with our mobile technology to improve our creativity. That’s when I joined the Note to Self community, and it has been an incredible year of contemplating how we as humans can be more mindful about our technology and media.

This year, based on the community’s request, Note to Self is hosting a new week-long challenge, beginning Feb. 1st, that will tackle information overload in our lives. It’s called InfomagicalWhether you feel overwhelmed about social media, all the TV shows you need to watch, or the emails in your inbox, there will be something in this challenge for you.

And the best thing is – we will be doing this together.

If you are on board: head over to the Infomagical site and sign up.
You should also listen to the following short podcast episode, which will explain what we will be doing next week:

And if you haven’t already, subscribe to Note to Self! You can find it on iTunes or through your favorite podcast app, like Stitcher or Overcast.

Thanks to Note to Self for letting me use their incredible artwork. The illustrator was John Hersey.

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