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High and Low is a space to explore the intersections of high and low culture: cinema, fine art, television, literature, speculative fiction, YouTube, video games and beyond. Too often these worlds are addressed separately, when in fact, they together form one fascinating realm of enlightenment and entertainment, shaping our society. To add to this equation, technology’s rapidly evolving nature has dramatically impacted the media that comprise high and low culture, rendering the conversation about contemporary high and low culture that much more intriguing and poignant.
On a personal note, I was born in the Southern Hemisphere, in South Africa, but now live in Los Angeles, so I have made my own jump between a different sort of geographic high and low. This transition, along with a family scattered around the globe, has motivated my enjoyment of the exploration of cultures, food, and histories throughout the world. As a result, my writing will be shaped by my interest in the global impact of media and technology, rather than in US-centric questions of culture and society.
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